Bubblegum Dungeon : Unicorns Don't Exist

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Adria Rae, lookin' super cute with her bubblegum hair and bright pink ropes, is sooo excited! She LOVES submitting to her master OR mistress -- it doesn't matter to her which is which, she swings both ways!'I like being flogged, I DO like being spanked, I really like being submissive to my partner, whether they're female or male... sooo... I really like ALL of the rough stuff?? AND I have a pretty big pain tolerance.'Oooh, how can someone with such a sweet face be so NAUGHTY? Well, it all becomes very clear when Adria admits that -- gasp! -- she doesn't believe in unicorns. But if they WERE real, she'd DEFINITELY feel like a unicorn today since Stirling Cooper is about to make her kinkiest dreams come true!Suspended from the ceiling by nothing but ropes, Adria is adorably excited for what's to come. When Stirling gets down to business, making Adria suck his cock like a sweet lollipop, Aria wants MORE -- she has an insatiable sweet tooth! While giving her some sugar, maybe Stirling can also make her believe in unicorns if he tries hard enough.Adria's deep in a fantasyland turned reality when Stirling breaks out his flogger. In a very weird way, each crack is relaxing -- like a back massage! But the real cherry on top is when Stirling starts 'massaging' her pussy...When all is said and done, and Adria is on a sugar high from the fun, all she can say is,'Bubblegum Dungeon has changed me FOREVER!'
Bubblegum Dungeon : Unicorns Don't Exist

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